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Who we are ?

In 1983, I moved from Marseilles in Provence to Nice on the French Riviera with a license of National guide in the entire France and …this is when working became a passion for me…

From 1984, I first worked in collaboration with many prestigious incentive travel agencies (DMC) to built my own experience for 14 years.

In 1998, I created my own association of guides with only fully licensed and experienced guides to increase the quality of guiding on the French Riviera.

For more than 10 years now, we have been welcoming many of the 6 million tourists paying a visit every year to our beautiful corner of the world.

Most of them still remember us and send us relatives or friends, some of them even became very close friends.
What do we offer more than the other companies ?

Thanks to our various languages such as English, Spanish and Italian, we can take care of most of the nationalities of groups. Our experience helps us to maximize the time of all kind of groups such as seminars, conventions, incentive, art groups, students, seniors, cruisers, etc.

We take care of all size groups and individuals for however long they will stay here and for any reason they may come.

If you need a suitable accommodation, we will be more than happy to give you some recommendations. You can trust our expertise.

As a French native, I love to show this beautiful region which has been economically supported mostly from tourism since the 18th century.

I also like to explain how French people react, why they are the way they are, and to answer all kind of frequently asked questions about them such as: “what is the French paradox and how can it be explained, why do French people close their shutters at night, or why do they say “Bonjour !” and “Au revoir !” when entering or leaving a shop, or why the waiter never brings the check to the table after a while…”

I also like to share my knowledge about the French way of life, their long history, their traditions and habits, how to buy good French food or wine in an open-air market or how to add a scarf around your neck.

The French Riviera is a very rich region with history and art: I can give lectures in the many famous museums we have here such as Matisse or Chagall or explain to you our interesting antic ruins in Cimiez for instance.

If you like French specialties such as pastries or chocolate or wines, I will be glad to show you the best places where locals only buy or sample them.

With me, you will understand French people better and why they differ from the rest of the world.

Our specificities

After realizing that small groups were much more pleasant and more fun to conduct, I have decided in 2000 to also start another activity of private guide for small groups from 2 to 8 persons in my own car or van. I have been successfully doing this new activity for 10 years now…

These tours are ideal for families, groups of friends, cruise mates or any group who wants special care and attention in addition to a maximum of flexibility in their tours.

With me, you do not have to share your tour with 40 other persons you do not even know or to wait for half of them in each stop.

In your private tour, you can go where others do not go and see places that other tourists will never get to know.

I always know how to avoid traffic and line of tourists everywhere we go, which is more fun for you and for me!

I will suggest visits and you always decide where you want to go, for how long and what you want to visit.

I never impose but always propose to you: you always have the final word.

Our best publicity so far has been word of mouth which has been bringing us many customers all year long.

To read about us, check on the websites of Rick Steve’s, Trip Advisor, Frommers, Fodors, Beoglobe, InfoHub, CruiseCritic, CruiseAddicts, etc.

I work 365 days a year and I am reachable every day from 8.00am to 10.00pm

If I am already fully booked, I will recommend you to other reliable companies with the same quality of work as us.

Upon request, you can get a detailed invoice with no AVT tax to add to the price. Our prices are net.